About Kamala

Kamala Chambers Kamala Chambers is an Intimacy Coach, Best Selling Author and C0-Host of the Lasting Love Connection Podcast.

Kamala has been a wellness educator for over 12 years.

As the co-host of the Lasting Love Connection Podcast, she interviews top relationship experts. As an award winning coach, Kamala offers clients pathways for deeper connection. Her Amazon Best Seller book “Road to Love: Lessons and Love Letters from a Journey to Intimacy” offers exercises that map out a clear path to deepen intimacy.

At the age of fifteen, Kamala decided to leave home and hitchhike across the US, traveling with the man she thought was her soul mate. A violent end to the relationship sent Kamala on a tailspin through a life of travel and love affairs where she sought a lasting connection. Since then, she has worked with top experts in intimacy, sexuality, and relationships. Kamala is certified in Energy Medicine, Health Coaching, Vibrational Medicine, Holistic Wellness, and professionally works as an Intimacy Coach.

Road to Love: Lessons and Love Letters from a Journey to Intimacy by Kamala Chambers
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Kamala has learned that if we don’t fully love ourselves, we’ll bounce from relationship to relationship, desperate for connections while sacrificing ourselves along the way. Kamala’s work is designed to help you understand the roadblocks to self-love and identify the tools necessary to help obtain the connection you desire in your relationships.

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In 2003, Kamala was certified in Vibrational Medicine and Gemstone Energy Medicine, and became a lead instructor at Earth Walk Institute of Healing Arts. She furthered her education in Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy, Integrative Cancer Treatments, Flower Essence Therapy, Emotional Healing, Amazon Herb Nutrition, as well as several other modalities.

Kamala continued her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, studying over one hundred dietary theories and a lifestyle coaching methods.

Kamala completed a 5-year mentorship in tantra, and studied the art of love with various relationship experts. She coaches people to experience more love, connection and passion in their relationships.

Kamala attended B-School, Thrive Academy, IIN Business Immersion, and trained with top online business experts. She works with coaches and entrepreneurs who are ready to have more clients and have the freedom to travel the world. She founded Launch School. To check out Kamala and Luis’ podcast and services for entrepreneurs visit www.ThrivingLaunch.com